reputable starts with the belief that sustainability is the business and societal direction that matters.  


It’s at the heart of what customers, employees and investors are looking for in the businesses that they engage with.  Increasingly, sustainability determines reputation and success.

As a consultancy, it's our job to help clients design a lasting equilibrium across this triple bottom-line.  We apply this thinking to issues of strategy and design because everything is connected to everything.


Measures how socially responsible a business is with respect to the people who work for it, those who supply it, and the community in which it operates.


Measures the environmental impact a company has, including its supply, reuse and disposal cycles.  Carbon impact is one of the principal measures.


Business needs to be profitable.  Profits help determine where capital is allocated.  Profits need to reflect all costs, including environmental costs and appropriate geographic taxation of activities.


services is our methodology for creating balanced and sustainable business.  It is strong in predicting unintended consequences and insists on testing as part of the design process. is our validation methodology for confirming ESG claims.  It allows firms an independent route to affirm statements made in annual reports and listings. is our collection of innovations in work systems.  The pandemic has accelerated changes to the way work is organised and the use of technology in the workplace We help clients realise these changes in a constructive fashion.


reputable is a new and young consultancy, founded on principles of sustainable innovation, balanced business design and data transparency.   

Michael Hobbs, Founder
Based in London, Michael's background encompasses consulting, technology delivery, banking, payments and lots of mobile. A long-time advocate of sustainable business practices and environmentalism, he co-founded reputable to get back to the entrepreneurial activities he enjoys most.
Xinyi Shen, Analyst
Based in Shanghai, Xinyi is a highly analytical consultant with a diverse range of technical and business interests. Having graduated from Peking University, Beijing, she is currently completing her MSc in Business Analytics at Imperial College. Her principal consulting interests are in the business performance of Chinese companies.
Soukayna Hachimi, Analyst
Soukayna's background is in Economics and Strategy. Based in London, she has particular interests in African business and educational inclusion. Soukayna is currently completing her MSc in Economics and Strategy at Imperial College.
Robert Carter, Consultant
Robert is based in London and has a background in automotive engineering and consulting. He has particular expertise in electric vehicles and reduced environmental impact design. He holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and and MBA, both from Imperial College.
Chris Hall, CTO
Chris' background is in computing and software development. His software experience ranges from embedded systems through to high-availability financial systems. He advises reputable on all things tech and manages the build of software when we need it.
Hiu Nam (Winni) Chan, Analyst
Based in Hong Kong, Winni combines backgrounds in Law and Innovation. She has particular interests in Fintech and inclusive digital design. She is currently completing an MSc in Management at Imperial College, London.
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